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3700 Koppers Street Suite 530 Baltimore MD 21227 Work Phone: (410) 525-2400 Website: https://www.tri-inc.net


ThermoChem Recovery International, Inc. (TRI), founded in 1996, is at the forefront of developing innovative biorefinery solutions to transform renewable biomass into a range of sustainable products. Their advanced steam reforming gasification technology significantly reduces reliance on fossil fuels while addressing environmental issues. TRI’s commitment to innovation and integration of clean technologies not only creates efficiencies but also fosters a socially responsible approach to waste reduction.

TRI specializes in a broad spectrum of environmental services:

  • Gasification: Converting everyday garbage into renewable fuels.
  • High-Efficiency Heat Transfer: Utilizing pulsed combustion technology for improved heat transfer.
  • Biomass Feeders: Over 10,000 hours of experience in feeding various biomass into biorefineries.
  • Syngas CleanUp: Proprietary KASyn™ technology for syngas purification.
  • Pyrolysis: Thermal conversion of materials into various pyrolysis products.
  • Integration & Engineering: Expertise in techno-economic analysis and system optimization.
  • Financial Modeling: Advanced financial models incorporating Monte Carlo simulation.
  • Research & Development: Ongoing innovation and development in biorefinery technology.
  • Advanced Development Center (ADC): Dedicated center for biorefinery process advancement.
  • Fully Integrated Process Demonstration Unit (PDU): Demonstrating biomass conversion to biofuels.

TRI offers comprehensive solutions tailored to their clients’ specific needs. Their approach combines lower investment risks, adaptability to multiple feedstock choices, and compliance with strict environmental standards. This versatility ensures that their clients benefit from both economic and environmental advantages.

The company has achieved significant milestones, like supporting the 11 Million Gallon Per Year Renewable Waste-to-Fuels Facility near Reno, Nevada. This project exemplifies TRI’s ability to convert waste into renewable jet fuels for major global airlines.