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Stonecipher & Clark Environmental Solutions LLC

137 Main Street PO Box #374 Littleton NH 03561 Work Phone: (603) 575-5154 Website: https://www.stonecipherandclark.com


Stonecipher & Clark Environmental Solutions LLC is a dedicated environmental consulting firm serving New Hampshire and Vermont. With a mission centered around providing local, common-sense solutions for environmental concerns, Stonecipher & Clark focuses on balancing client interests with environmental needs. The company is fully insured and brings its expertise to a range of environmental consulting services.

Their core services include:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments: Identifying potential substances impacting air, soil, groundwater, or surface waters due to site operations.
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments: Addressing data gaps from Phase I assessments through subsurface investigations to evaluate environmental liabilities.
  • NHDES & VTDEC Mandated Sampling & Reporting: Ensuring compliance with state environmental regulations.
  • Floor Drain Closure Permitting: Managing permits related to environmental safety and compliance.
  • ICC Certified UST Removals: Expert handling of underground storage tank removals.
  • Landfill Permit Sampling & Reporting: Providing services for landfill sites, including permit acquisition and compliance reporting.
  • Environmental Cleanups: Specializing in remediation and cleanup of contaminated sites.
  • Environmental Oversight during Construction: Ensuring environmental safety and compliance during construction projects.
  • Subsurface Investigations/Well Installations: Conducting detailed subsurface investigations and well installations.
  • Scrap Yard/Solid Waste Permitting: Handling permits for scrap yards and solid waste management facilities.
  • Stonecipher & Clark proudly offers Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, showcasing their commitment to identifying and managing environmental risks and liabilities.