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New Center One, 3031 West Grand Boulevard Suite 228 Detroit MI 48202 Work Phone: (313) 963-2721 Website: https://www.somateng.com


Somat Engineering, Inc., established in 1986 by Mr. Ramji Patel, is a notable provider of infrastructure solutions, excelling in engineering, environmental, and management services for a diverse clientele including government entities and private corporations. With a mission to deliver sustainable infrastructure solutions for a better future, the company upholds a value-driven approach, emphasizing integrity, responsibility, people-centric policies, and quality. Their expertise spans across multiple disciplines including geotechnical, structural, environmental, and construction engineering.

Somat Engineering’s core services include:

  • Geotechnical Engineering: Specializing in subsurface evaluation for various structures and providing recommendations on foundation conditions and materials.
  • Structural Engineering: Offering assessment, analysis, and design of new and rehabilitated structures, including detailed 3D finite element analysis.
  • Construction Services: Providing engineering, administration, management, and inspection services for various infrastructure projects.
  • Environmental Engineering: Focusing on pollution control, waste treatment and disposal, and environmental remediation. Notably, they possess unique UVOST® technology for real-time delineation of subsurface petroleum contamination.
  • Civil Engineering: Delivering comprehensive services for municipal, industrial, residential, and commercial real estate development projects.
  • Aviation: Offering a range of engineering services for airports, including airside, terminal, and landside assets.
  • Water/Wastewater: Providing engineering services for water supply and storage, storm water management, and wastewater treatment.
  • Private Development: Expertise in planning, due diligence studies, design, and oversight for private real estate development.
  • Energy: Assisting energy clients with construction, repair needs, and unique waste-to-energy processing technologies.
  • Healthcare: Providing innovative engineering services for healthcare facilities, including renovation and new construction.

Regarding Phase I ESA Environmental reports, the information is not explicitly mentioned in the available resources.