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Established in 1993, Sierra Environmental Consultants has dedicated itself to providing high-quality, cost-effective environmental services with a strong focus on client advocacy. This commitment is rooted in the belief that preserving and protecting environmental resources is beneficial for businesses. The team’s professional qualifications exceed the “Environmental Professional” designation as per the “All Appropriate Inquiry” Standards of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA)​​.

The company has pivoted from being a full-service environmental consulting firm to specializing in EZ-Screen™, known as Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA). This change, effective since 2015, allows Sierra to offer a “Clean or Free” guarantee, ensuring clients are not upsold to more expensive reports in cases of elevated environmental risks​​​​.

Core Services:

  • Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA)
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • SBA and USDA Loan Environmental Reporting
  • Commercial Real Estate Environmental Evaluation
  • EZ-Screen™ for quick, cost-effective environmental screening
  • Historical Property Environmental Records Analysis
  • Professional Opinion on Environmental Risk Levels
  • Client-Specific Environmental Reports
  • Specialized Services for Long-Term Clients
  • Nationwide Environmental Screening Services

Phase 1 ESA Reporting Capabilities:

While Sierra Environmental Consultants once offered a full range of environmental services, including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), they now focus primarily on EZ-Screen™ services. However, they maintain relationships with long-term clients for whom they still undertake such projects.