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1904 Third Avenue Suite 105 Seattle WA 98101 Work Phone: 206-343-8800 Website: https://www.pscleanair.gov


Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is an environmental services organization dedicated to improving air quality and ensuring clean, healthy air for all residents in the Puget Sound region. The agency focuses on monitoring and managing air pollution across four counties, emphasizing the reduction of fine particle pollution due to its significant health impacts. They employ a range of strategies to address air quality issues, including air quality burn ban protocols, air monitoring, managing emissions from various sources, and providing educational resources about the health risks associated with different types of air pollution.

Their services cater to a broad audience, including residents, business owners, and other stakeholders in the Puget Sound area. The agency’s core services revolve around air quality monitoring, enforcing regulations to manage and reduce air pollution, and providing permits for activities that could impact air quality. They have a strong focus on community engagement and education, providing vital information on how individuals can contribute to improving air quality and protect themselves from the health risks of air pollution.

Key Services Offered by Puget Sound Clean Air Agency:

  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Issuing Air Quality Burn Bans
  • Regulating and Monitoring Asbestos
  • Managing Outdoor Burning and Fireplaces
  • Overseeing Dry Cleaners and Gas Stations for Air Quality Compliance
  • Implementing Regulations for Mobile Spray Coaters
  • Monitoring and Controlling Wood Smoke Pollution
  • Addressing Diesel Exhaust Health Impacts
  • Conducting Air Toxics Studies
  • Providing Educational Resources on Air Pollution and Health

Although there was no specific mention of Phase 1 ESA Environmental reporting on their website, their comprehensive approach to monitoring and managing air pollution demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship and public health.