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1800 Old Pecos Trl Ste E Santa Fe NM 87505 Work Phone: (505) 699-5175 Website: https://www.pathfinderenvironmental.com


Pathfinder Environmental, established in 2010, is a veteran-owned business specializing in environmental regulatory compliance. They are recognized for their expertise in a wide range of environmental services, particularly in ensuring compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The company’s core mission revolves around facilitating the environmental regulatory process for their clients, ensuring high-quality service and responsiveness.

Pathfinder Environmental’s services focus on a variety of environmental studies and assessments. These include endangered species-plant/animal studies, environmental assessments, natural resource studies, regulatory studies, scientific data studies, water quality studies, and wildlife studies. They also have expertise in the development of environmental impact statements and assessments. The company’s wide array of services reflects their comprehensive approach to environmental consulting, making them a valuable partner for clients needing diverse environmental services.

The company’s target audience includes those requiring specialized services in environmental regulatory compliance, emphasizing biological and cultural surveys. Their experience in these domains positions them as a knowledgeable and reliable choice for clients.

List of Services:

  • Environmental Consulting Services
  • NEPA Compliance Services
  • Cultural Surveys
  • Biological Surveys
  • Endangered Species-Plant/Animal Studies
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Natural Resource Studies
  • Regulatory Studies
  • Scientific Data Studies
  • Water Quality Studies