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612 S Webb Rd Grand Island NE 68803 Work Phone: (308) 385-4550 Website: https://www.northwesternenergy.com


NorthWestern Energy, with over a century of experience, is dedicated to delivering safe, reliable, and innovative energy solutions. Serving the western two-thirds of Montana, eastern South Dakota, and parts of Nebraska, the company reaches over 764,200 customers, including Yellowstone National Park. Its diverse generation fleet includes wind, water, natural gas, and coal-fired resources. NorthWestern Energy emphasizes sustainability, with 55% of its electric generation being carbon-free, showcasing its commitment to balancing environmental stewardship and reliable energy supply.

As a forward-thinking organization, NorthWestern Energy actively invests in community and environmental projects, contributing $2.1 million in charitable donations and community support in 2022. The company’s dedication to diversity and inclusion is evident, with significant female representation in its leadership.

The core services of NorthWestern Energy include:

  • Electric and natural gas distribution
  • Hydroelectric power generation
  • Energy transmission and production systems
  • Construction services for energy infrastructure
  • Environmental projects and sustainability initiatives
  • Charitable programs and community engagement
  • Emergency and outage response services
  • Energy efficiency and savings programs
  • Customer service and billing management
  • Real estate and property management services

NorthWestern Energy’s commitment to providing a safe, sustainable energy future is integral to its operations. However, there is no specific mention of Phase 1 ESA Environmental reports on their website.