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9120 SW Pioneer Court Suite B Wilsonville OR 97070 Work Phone: (503) 682-1880 Website: https://www.nwgeotech.com


Northwest Geotech, Inc. (NGI), operating since 1983, has established itself as a leader in geotechnical and environmental services in the Pacific Northwest. With over 8,000 successful projects, NGI is recognized for its stability, professional integrity, and commitment to high-quality work. The firm, locally owned in Oregon, focuses on serving the Pacific Northwest, building long-term business relationships.

NGI’s comprehensive services cater to a broad spectrum of clients, including public agencies, design professionals, construction management companies, and private developers. Their expertise encompasses soils and foundation engineering, engineering geology, and environmental site assessments. With a division, Northwest Testing Inc. (NTI), they extend their capabilities to construction monitoring and materials testing for a diverse range of projects such as highways, light rail facilities, educational institutions, and more.

Their approach combines listening to clients’ needs with designing services that ensure cost-effective management while maintaining necessary client contact throughout the project lifecycle. NGI’s dedication to innovative and practical solutions is evident in their diverse project portfolio, demonstrating their ability to meet complex project requirements effectively.

Services Offered by Northwest Geotech, Inc.

  • Geotechnical Engineering: Includes subsurface exploration, foundation engineering, and geology.
  • Environmental Services: Focused on environmental assessment and hazardous waste evaluation.
  • Special Inspections & Materials Testing: Encompasses earthwork, concrete, masonry, and more.
  • Laboratory Testing Services: Offers soil, concrete, HMAC, and aggregate testing.
  • Construction Monitoring: Provides comprehensive oversight for various construction projects.
  • Engineering Geology: Specializing in the study and application of geology for engineering purposes.
  • Hydrogeology: Focus on groundwater and related geological aspects.
  • Geophysics & Seismological Studies: Involves studying earth’s physical properties and seismic activities.
  • Landslide Investigations: Dedicated to assessing and managing landslide risks.
  • Pavement Evaluations: Involves assessing and designing pavement structures.