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1811 Hale Hollow Road Bridgewater Corners VT 05035 Work Phone: (802) 672-6112 Website: https://www.harperenvironmental.com


Harper Environmental Associates Inc, based in Vermont, is an accomplished environmental consulting firm with a focus on a range of specialized services. With over 26 years of expertise in the field, led by Principal Hydrogeologist and Project Manager Cliff Harper, the firm is dedicated to providing top-notch environmental solutions. Their core services cater to a diverse clientele, including realtors, home buyers, and businesses seeking environmental risk management and remediation services.

The company’s services encompass petroleum and hazardous material spill response, site investigations and cleanups, Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, and management of underground storage tanks. They are proficient in asbestos sampling and abatement, mold investigations, and indoor air quality assessments, ensuring a comprehensive approach to environmental safety and compliance. Additionally, they offer advanced project planning and economic risk assessment to address the complexities and uncertainties in environmental remediation projects.

Their team, comprising experienced professionals like Beth Harper, Project Manager Assistant, and Craig Sterritt, Project Scientist, brings a wealth of knowledge in various environmental assessment and remediation projects. The firm’s approach to cost control and project management reflects their commitment to delivering efficient and effective solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of each project.

List of Services:

  • Petroleum/Hazardous Material Spill Response
  • Site Investigations and Remediation
  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Fuel Storage Tank Removals
  • Asbestos Sampling and Abatement
  • Mold Investigations
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments
  • Underground Storage Tank Management
  • Advanced Project Planning
  • Economic Risk Assessment

Harper Environmental Associates Inc. excels in providing Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, ensuring thorough evaluations of potential environmental liabilities associated with real estate properties.