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1527 Crescent Dr Augusta GA 30909 Work Phone: (706) 729-6917 Website: https://www.smeinc.com


G S C Environmental Laboratories Inc, operating under the S&ME brand, offers a comprehensive range of environmental services. The company specializes in Construction Materials Testing (CMT) and Special Inspections. These services include soil, concrete, and asphalt sampling and testing, laboratory testing, non-destructive testing of concrete and timber, and building integrity testing using advanced technologies like drones and thermal imaging cameras. Special Inspections are a crucial aspect of their offerings, ensuring compliance with the building design and the structural integrity of projects. This involves observations and tests on materials, fabrication, erection, and placement of components critical to a building’s structure.

Their core services encompass foundation observations, reinforcing steel observations, masonry construction observations, structural steel, bolting and welding observations, fire stopping and fireproofing observations, non-destructive testing of metals, and concrete construction observations.

S&ME’s experience in large-scale projects is evident in their involvement in major assignments like the Louisville Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridge Downtown Crossing, a $1.5 billion project. They provided oversight and support of asphalt, soils, aggregate, concrete materials testing, non-destructive testing of bridge piers, bolting, and welding inspections.

The company operates over 25 laboratories across the eastern US, accredited by AASHTO: resource, and adheres to numerous AASHTO and ASTM International standards.

Services List:

  • Soil sampling and testing
  • Concrete sampling and testing
  • Asphalt sampling and testing
  • Laboratory testing
  • Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete and Timber
  • Building Integrity Testing
  • Foundation Observations
  • Reinforcing Steel Observations
  • Masonry Construction Observations
  • Structural Steel, Bolting and Welding Observations