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4525 Este Avenue Cincinnati OH 45232 Work Phone: 513-451-1777 Website: https://www.environmentalsi.com


Environmental Solutions & Innovations, Inc. (ESI) is a leader in environmental consulting, renowned for delivering exceptional service and scientific solutions since its establishment in March 2000. This small, woman-owned S-corporation, founded by Dr. Virgil Brack, Jr., has grown to include over 60 full- and part-time scientists and engineers. These professionals specialize in a diverse range of fields, from animal ecology to stream and wetland science, cultural resources, and landscape and habitat modeling. ESI stands out for its strong professional integrity and reputation, assisting clients across the U.S. in overcoming land management challenges and successfully completing projects.

The core services of ESI encompass a comprehensive range of environmental and engineering solutions. These include Aquatic Ecology, Civil Engineering, Conservation and Land Use Planning, Cultural Resources, Environmental Monitoring, GIS and Remote Sensing, Regulatory Compliance, Terrestrial Ecology, and Wetlands and Waterways. These services cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from large multinational corporations to individual landowners across various industries, such as energy, transportation, land development, and government.

ESI is particularly adept in Regulatory Compliance, excelling in providing services for wetland, endangered species, cultural resource clearances, and erosion and sedimentation. Their expertise includes compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act, 401/404 permitting for wetlands and waterways, and the Endangered Species Act. Additionally, ESI specializes in Wetlands and Waterways services, offering expertise in wetland and stream delineations, functional assessments, mitigation design, construction oversight, and monitoring.