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225 Schilling Circle Suite 400 Hunt Valley MD 21031 Work Phone: 410-584-7000 Website: https://www.eaest.com


EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC, headquartered at 225 Schilling Circle, Suite 400, Hunt Valley, MD 21031, is a prominent firm in the environmental services sector. Established in 1973, EA has evolved into a 100% employee-owned public benefit corporation, emphasizing environmental, compliance, natural resources, and infrastructure engineering and management solutions. The company’s extensive experience and commitment to sustainability have been recognized through awards like the Best Performer North America in the 2019 EcoVadis Sustainability Leadership Awards.

EA Engineering is dedicated to improving environmental quality on a project-by-project basis, guided by principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Their services extend to a broad spectrum of clients, including public utilities, local governments, federal facilities, and industrial clients. Key areas of expertise include stormwater management, water/wastewater-related projects, contaminated sediment investigation and remediation, and climate resilience. EA employs a holistic approach to address challenges like greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency, offering solutions in renewable energy development and climate action planning.

As a leader in environmental consulting, EA has completed over $200 million in contaminated sediment projects under various environmental regulations. Their extensive portfolio showcases their capability in providing innovative solutions to complex environmental challenges. EA’s commitment to community involvement is evident through their participation in local outreach and mentorship programs, highlighting their dedication to fostering sustainable and responsible environmental practices.

EA Engineering’s list of services includes:

  • Environmental Compliance
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Management Solutions
  • Stormwater Management
  • Water/Wastewater Project Management
  • Contaminated Sediment Investigation
  • Climate Resilience and Adaptation
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mitigation
  • Renewable Energy Development