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650 Oliver Rd Montgomery AL 36117 Work Phone: (334) 721-2176 Website: https://www.carmichaelengineering.com


Carmichael Engineering is a prominent provider of diverse environmental services, specializing in areas such as soil laboratory testing, geotechnical drilling and sampling, construction monitoring and testing, and special inspections. The company operates primarily in the Southeastern United States, offering its expertise in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi.

Core Services and Achievements: Carmichael Engineering is renowned for its comprehensive range of services tailored to support various projects, including residential, commercial, retail, schools, hospitals, airports, and industrial constructions. Their soil laboratory testing services encompass a wide array of tests like grain size, Atterberg limit, specific gravity, and soil corrosion services testing. In geotechnical drilling and sampling, they offer services such as hollow stem auger drilling with standard penetration testing, monitoring well installation, and field soil electrical resistivity surveys. Their construction monitoring and testing field service is notable for site examination, field soil density testing, and various types of nondestructive concrete testing.

The company’s special inspection services include steel reinforcement placement examinations and fireproofing testing.

List of Services:

  • Soil Laboratory Testing (including Grain Size and Atterberg Limit Testing)
  • Standard and Modified Laboratory Compaction Testing
  • Geotechnical Drilling and Sampling (like Piezometer Installation and Monitoring Well Installation)
  • Construction Monitoring (including Site Examination and Fill Placement Monitoring)
  • Field Testing (such as Field Soil Density Testing and Asphalt Field Density Testing)
  • Special Inspections (like Steel Reinforcement Placement Examinations and Bolt Torque Testing)
  • Geotechnical Engineering Services (including Site Evaluations and Slope Stability Analysis)
  • Foundation Soil Bearing Verifications
  • Concrete and Asphalt Core Drilling Contract Laboratory Services