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1953 South Beretania Street Honolulu HI 96826 Work Phone: (808) 941-8853 Website: https://www.bowengineering.com


Bow Engineering and Development, Inc., a Hawaii-based civil and environmental engineering firm, has been delivering exceptional services for over 26 years. As a locally-owned corporation, they have a strong reputation for master planning, project management, and design services tailored to both public and private sectors throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Their approach to projects is proactive and positive, with a focus on establishing excellent communication and professional relationships with clients, engineering and architectural firms, as well as State, County, and Federal agencies. This collaborative method ensures effective project reviews and approvals, often exceeding client expectations.

Bow Engineering offers a broad range of services, including:

  • Engineering plans, construction drawings, specifications, and documents.
  • Design of utility systems, encompassing water, sewer, drainage, and fire protection.
  • Roadways and intersections design, including parking lots and ADA accessibility.
  • Real estate planning and land development. Environmental monitoring and sampling (water, wastewater, soil, air).
  • Obtaining various permits like NPDES, 401, 404, SWPPP.
  • Comprehensive project management and construction administration.
  • Cost estimation and inspecting.
  • Trail surveying using High Efficiency Trail Assessment Process (HETAP).
  • Certified Water Pollution Plan Preparer (CWPPP) and Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) coordination.

Their portfolio reflects a wide array of projects, from residential and commercial developments to educational and recreational facilities, showcasing their diverse expertise and capability to handle complex engineering challenges. For contact and further inquiries, Bow Engineering and Development, Inc. can be reached at their office in Honolulu, Hawaii.