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2534 17th Ave S. Ste. 3D Grand Forks ND 58201-5215 Work Phone: (701)775-8775 Website: https://www.bactee.com


BacTee Systems Inc. is a renowned environmental engineering firm based in Grand Forks, North Dakota, with a global reach in providing advanced aeration technologies for composting and odor control solutions. As a leader in advanced aerated flooring engineering, BacTee Systems specializes in designing, producing, and implementing biological odor control systems for air and other gaseous waste streams. They offer a comprehensive range of services including systems integration, design, equipment selection, and procurement to cater to the specific needs of their clients in municipal water, wastewater, sludge, and composting applications.

Their expertise extends to a variety of composting solutions, including process evaluation, facility conceptualization, and integration of compost systems. The company’s forced aeration systems and control strategies are adaptable to nearly all types of compost processes. BacTee Systems takes pride in their ability to turn waste into enhancing product streams and successfully treat odorous gases, offering tailored solutions to their customers’ unique requirements.

Key Services:

  • Biological Odor Control Systems
  • Composting Process Evaluation and Selection
  • Facility Conceptualization and Planning
  • Aeration System Design and Implementation
  • Equipment Selection and Procurement
  • Technical Support for Biological Odor Control
  • Advanced Aeration Technologies for Composting
  • Biofiltration for VOCs and Odor Removal
  • Composting Solutions for Soil Amendment
  • Compost System Integration