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575 State Highway 28 Raritan NJ 08869 Work Phone: (800) 477-7411 Website: https://www.us.anteagroup.com


Antea Group USA is a renowned environmental, health, safety, and sustainability consulting firm. With a commitment to creating a cleaner, safer, more sustainable world, the company offers a comprehensive range of services. These include environmental remediation, regulatory compliance, worker safety, mergers and acquisition support, and sustainability strategy. Antea Group’s global reach extends through its sister companies and as a founding Associate of Inogen Alliance, ensuring a broad network of expertise.

Their clientele is diverse, ranging from global energy companies and manufacturers to major technology companies, retailers, and financial services firms. Antea Group’s approach integrates a deep understanding of each client’s unique business drivers and culture, tailoring their services for optimal results and client satisfaction. Their capabilities encompass everything from CSR strategies for executives to EHS audit tools for manufacturing floors, ensuring they cater to the full spectrum of an organization’s EHS&S needs.

Antea Group’s practice areas include Environmental Mergers and Acquisitions, Sustainability Consulting, EHS Data and Knowledge Management, Environmental Remediation, EHS Auditing and Compliance, and Health and Safety. In terms of industries, they serve sectors like Chemical, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Energy Transition, Railroad, Retail, Risk and Financial Services, and Technology.

A key highlight of their services is Environmental Audits and Assessments. They offer comprehensive auditing support, including the development of audit programs, execution of audits, and tracking of findings. Their global network allows them to deliver regulatory expertise in 120 countries, and their innovative use of smart glasses for remote audits has been recognized with a 2020 EBJ Business Achievement Award.

For more detailed information about their services and capabilities, please visit Antea Group’s website: us.anteagroup.com.

List of Services:

  • Environmental Remediation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Worker Safety
  • Mergers and Acquisition Support
  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Environmental Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Sustainability Consulting
  • EHS Data and Knowledge Management
  • EHS Auditing and Compliance
  • Health and Safety