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703 Market St San Francisco CA 94103 Work Phone: (415) 421-6023 Website: https://www.aecom.com


AECOM, a globally recognized infrastructure consulting firm, offers a broad range of environmental services aimed at balancing growth with resilience. They cater to both industrial and public sector clients, striving to achieve compliance and mitigate risks while conserving the natural environment. AECOM’s approach involves working closely with clients and communities to address complex environmental challenges across various stages of business – from asset development and operations optimization to product integration and site restoration.

Key to AECOM’s environmental services is their focus on technical innovation. Their global community of 9,000 environmental professionals is supported by a Technical Practice Network, which facilitates the sharing of expertise, technology, and best practices. This network collaborates with trade associations and universities, extending the reach of their knowledge. AECOM’s commitment to innovation is evident in their research and development efforts, which have led to new technologies like mobile field applications for data collection and advanced remediation methods. Their services span multiple sectors, addressing air quality, climate adaptation, environmental health and safety management, environmental contracting, impact assessments, remediation, and more.

With over a century of experience in solving environmental challenges for government clients, AECOM has cemented its reputation as an industry leader. The company boasts a #1 ranking as a Global Environmental Consultancy for seven consecutive years by Environment Analyst and numerous other accolades in various environmental domains.

AECOM is not just an environmental services provider; they are trusted advisors and partners in creating sustainable and equitable futures. They have offices worldwide and provide a comprehensive suite of services backed by local regulatory knowledge and global trends awareness.


  • Air Quality Consulting & Engineering
  • Climate Adaptation
  • Environmental Health & Safety  Management Consulting and Compliance
  • Environmental Contracting
  • Environmental/Social Impact Assessment and Permitting
  • Remediation, Restoration and Redevelopment
  • Performance-Based Remediation and Operations
  • Maintenance and Monitoring (OM&M)
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction/Construction Management (EPC/EPCM)
  • Patented PFAS Technology and Digital Environmental Assessments