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3482 Keath Bridge Rd #137 #137 Cumming GA 30041 Work Phone: 800-895-0809 Website: https://www.advancedenvironmentalmanagement.com


Advanced Environmental Management, Inc. (AEM) has been a dedicated provider of environmental consulting services since 1992, emphasizing high quality and economical solutions. We have built our reputation on the strength of our experienced and educated team, ensuring the delivery of efficient and quality solutions tailored to our clients’ environmental consulting needs. Our services span across four key categories: Landfill or Solid Waste services, Underground Storage Tank (UST) services, Environmental Property Assessments, and other specialized services. Our commitment to excellent service is demonstrated through our long-term relationships with clients, excellent regulator relations, and a deep understanding of our clients’ economic and regulatory requirements.

Our team consists of professional geologists and engineers, all OSHA certified, adding credibility and ensuring compliance with regulations. Our commitment to community and business benefits is evident through our membership in various industry associations, including the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) and the National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP).

AEM is proud of our capability to conduct over 30 Phase I Environmental Assessments annually, with our Senior Environmental Geologist having performed over 400 in his career. These assessments are crucial for clients looking to satisfy the “due diligence” requirements for property transactions and are conducted in accordance with ASTM E 1527-05 Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process.

Our top services include:

  • Landfill and Solid Waste Services
  • Underground Storage Tank Services
  • Environmental Property Assessments
  • Phase I Environmental Assessments
  • Site Suitability Studies
  • Hydrogeological Assessments
  • Monitoring Plan Preparation
  • Monitoring System Installation
  • Environmental Monitoring and Reporting
  • Potential Impact Assessments